Innovative Software Ideas

Mathijs Beentjes

It is my aim to get ideas like the Heavy Duty Calculator and the Globals Design Pattern accepted by a larger audience. I am currently working at getting the Heavy Duty Calculator merged into Windows, and the creation of a Global Framework to be used in .NET, Azure, RabbitMQ, ActiveMQ and other platforms. If you want to merge the Heavy Duty Calculator or the Globals Principle into you own platform, please contact


Mathijs Beentjes graduated in 1992 at Delft in Applied Physics and has worked as a programmer since then. In his early years he wrote several childrens books (“Ik wil koekjes, allemaal!”, “Mijn spaarpot heeft honger”, “Ferry de Boevendoder” & “Ik en mijn monster”).

Mathijs Beentjes was born in Beverwijk in 1968, is married, has two sons and lives in Leiden, the Netherlands.